Two hens, one is pecking at others head


Jun 30, 2020
I'm a new chicken mama and I have an issue. I have two hens, 10 months old, and in the last 3 days one of them will not stop going after the other. she pecks her on the head. When I let them out of the run and they are free ranging the bully will come up for no reason and just tag her. I have placed added treats for them during the day, recently added 20% layer feed cause I heard there might be a protein issue, and on top of that I applied some anti pecking lotion to her head but that didn't seem to work. My question is, will this behavior continue to go on or just a phase? Should I try those pinless peepers? Should I just seperate them completely and have them live in their own quarters? They have turned into my pets so I have no interest in "offing" the bully.
Please help, its stressing me out as much as my poor hen that is getting attacked.

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