two many boys.

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    Apr 12, 2014
    well I have three drakes 2 kaki Campbell's and 1 blue Swedish and 7 girls. the 2 KC are very bonded they don't fight and are a year old in April. but lately I have seen the Blue boy fighting with one of the KC and yesterday all three were on a female in the pool I had to break them up I am afraid they will drown some one . i would hate to have to get rid of one of them the 2 KC never go any where with out the other but i have to do what is best. I was thinking of setting the blue boy up with 2 of the girls which are blue Swedish which leaves 5 girls for the other two males. would that work? I would not mine having blue babies but i don't think they will set. Also they been laying there eggs all over the pen instead of in there houses, could that be a result of two many drakes? thanks for any advice.[​IMG]
    that is the male BS in the middle.the KC drakes are to the right and very front the KC are my favorites .
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    Petting Buffy Like a Dog
    That would work.

    Drakes are territorial,so even doing that may not solve problem FULLY,but try it.

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