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    I put in 30+ eggs in the incubator on 10/24/14. 12 are Barred rocks and the rest are a mix from the barnyard. Plan on candling them tonight. They were shipped eggs so I did check for cracks before putting them in, and was amazed that not one was cracked. They are from to different sources and when I received them to packaging on one had yolk on the outside of the box. Five were broken (of the eggs not broken no cracks) the shipper did include more than he had promised her so she was only one egg short of her order and he did refund the cost of the egg. The Barred Rocks were well packaged and in great shape. I have not tried to hatch any for friends so hope it goes well. I'm am also interested in seeing results because the were ordered from eBay and i haven't done that either, nice to have a guinea pig. wish me luck.
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    Wishing you the very best of luck with your eggs and hope you have a great hatch :fl

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