Two of Three Pekin Duck Eggs Turned Gray Color In The Incubator?????


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Aug 21, 2010
Washington Twp, Mi
I set 3 Duck Eggs in the incubator on Sept 28, 2010 and this past last couple days I noticecd that two of the eggs turned gray in color. What should I do? They do have a fishy smell to them but the other white one does not smell?? Is this bad news? They are at about 35 to 50% humitidy and 99.5 temp. Spray them down once a day.
Thanks just needed another person to tell me . Thats what I thought Ill out them in the freezer and out to the garbage they will go. Poor things, do you think that there was something devloping in them. Why would this happen?
probably not developing that would be had to know unless you crack them open
, but you could have had hairline cracks in the shells and the extra moisture with the spraying it made the go rotten

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