Two random questions, about crowing, and tail-feathers.


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Mar 16, 2008
I think this follows under chicken behaviors

First off, what does a young crow sound like? We have some 10 week olds here, and ever since a few weeks ago in March, they've been 'crowing.' It started out sounding like a hi-pitched scream, and now, it's slightly deeper and he only does it in the morning (what a stereotypical roo lol). Is that what a baby's crow is supposed to sound like? Typically, when do they start crowing if they are roos?

Aaaand, this isn't really about behaviors, but it's a funny little question. What does it mean when a chicken has crooked tail feathers? Unfortanetly, the rooster which it occured in is no longer with us
(he passed away) but he was my pet and a Rhose Island Red. I wish I had a picture of it, because for the longest of time he was rumpless until he grew his tail-feathers that literally stuck out to the side, like he had been roosting against a wall for the entire time they were growing in lol. That was the one way we could identify him from his other two brothers, the big, bad crooked tail. You could actually push them so that they were straight, but they just went back to normal crooked-ness afterwards lol. I had this theory if you used a straightener on them, they would be normal, but I never tried it of course lol.


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That crooked tail is called wry tail and is a genetic fault. Both the parents must have the recessive gene for it to show itself in the offspring, from what I've found out.
And crowing can start anytime. I've had them start at five days or fifteen weeks, just an individual thing.

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