Two recent deaths. Now a very sick egg bound hen. Please help!

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    Jun 29, 2015
    I had two unexplained and sudden deaths 2 nights ago. Everything has been chaotic and all of the chickens seem to be having different issues. Here is a link to my last thread.

    Everyone has been treated for worms, mites, etc with Ivermectin pour on and they're on Corid as a preventative but I really don't think that it's coccidiosis.

    Yesterday my 7 month old Serama pullet Bonnie looked sick and lethargic too. I also noticed she had been trying to lay the day before. But nothing happened. It would be her first time so I figured she was just warming up.

    I brought her inside.


    This was about 2 pm. She looked fine up until that point in the day. Her abdomen felt soft and squishy. I soaked her in a warm Epsom salt bath for about 20 minutes and she started contracting her stomach again after ~15 minutes. I pulled her out and fed her a bit of tums and oiled her vent. Then I placed her in a basket with a towel over it. I checked on her about half an hour later and she had egg yolk and egg whites oozing out of her vent


    There was no shell and no membrane. I've had hens lay soft shelled eggs but this is much different. She started to eat it so I pulled her out and fed her. She acted like she was starving. It seemed like she felt a bit of relief. When she pooped, more yolk came out.


    I kept her inside to observe and she kept looking like she was trying to lay more and went back and forth between her tail being up and looking okay to it being down and looking like she's in pain


    Later in the evening she started looking bad. She looked like she was trying to lay again and was panting and making tiny squeaks.

    I soaked her again but nothing came out that time. She did poop again and it just had a tinge of yellow.


    Around midnight she started looking bad. very poofy. Eyes closing and head falling forward. I don't know if she was exhausted or dying. It's early morning now and she still looks sick but she didn't pass.

    What is my next step. I've gotten conflicting advice. Do I need to look for broken pieces of shell or would that make it worse? Does she need more soaking?
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    I had a couple older hens get egg bound earlier this year and I had no luck soaking them. I could feel the egg inside them and they couldn't poo. You may be lucky since she has pooed and the egg may be open since she has yolk coming out. Keep soaking her/ lube her vent and see if you can feel an egg. She may have two stuck in her.

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