Two sets of eggs in one incubator

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    Jul 14, 2007
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    Hi everyone, I am new to hatching chicks and I had a question. I was wondering if it is okay to have two different hatch dates in the same incubator? I have eggs on day 14 in the incubator now. I was concerned about the humidity during the last three days of the first batch, will it hurt the new eggs to have it that high?

    Thanks, any help would be great![​IMG]
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    It should be fine. What I would be concerned about is the terrible mess and stinky bacteria that will result from the end of the first hatch. It gets stinky fast and should be cleaned.
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    Jul 14, 2007
    sweet home, OR
    How do you clean and sanitize your incubator
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    Apr 8, 2007
    I have hatched two cluthes in the bator with no problems. Actually the second group hatched better than the first...they were 1 week after. I was just as efficent as possible about opening to turn the 2nd batch.

    For cleaning, I just pulled the egg shells. I had to leave some of the mess but it never got stinky for me. After both hatched were done, I cleaned and used a very dilute bleach solution to clean it.
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    Feb 24, 2007
    I did it. Got stinky after the first batch so I took a small cooler and filled it with hot water and let it warm up real good. Dumped the water and pat it dry but not completely, just no puddles. Put the eggs inside the warmed cooler while I cleaned out the bator real fast and put the eggs back inside. Most hatched. I don't think I lost any to my whirlwind cleaning.
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    It can work as demonstrated with the posts above but it IS NOT recommended at all. The humidity is critical in the last 3 days for the first batch and depending where the new batch is in development could be very detrimental to the newly developing chicks. Sometimes the hatch can take several days and that leaves the humidity to high for to long. The mess is not only the egg shells but there is lots of fuzz and possibly poop as well. It would be in a very fertile environment for developing into a nasty place for new chicks to hatch or grow.

    You can make a hatcher for very little if you want more chicks. Search for Homemade Incubators on this board. I have made two with Omaha Steak Boxes and a box used to ship worms. Hospitals have similar boxes that certain meds are shipped in.

    In you are not into making something else, then you only have 7 more days to wait. You eggs will be better off stored for the 7 days in a cool place, at a temp around 50ish. Turn them every day and you will have much bette luck and healthier chicks by waiting to set them until the first batch hatch.

    I assume you have a foam incubator. They need to be cleaned throughly after a hatch. Soap, Hot water, Rinse with a bleach solution 10/1 and rinse in hot water again and let dry in the sun. Foam is very porous and it can harbor bacteria that will only grow rapidly when the incubator is working. I would imagine you would limit the useful life of your incubator considerable by continuing to hatch without cleaning properly in between.

    I would hate for you to get started incubation and have huge problems and dissapointment because the advise you read on this board was not appropriate for your situation. Hatching eggs can be tough under the best of circumstances and many have had dissapointing failures only to give up. It is really best to proceed in your venture buy following the accepted and recommended methods for hatching eggs.

    Here is some good information on hatching eggs and used by 4H clubs.
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    Mar 4, 2007
    It can work but I dont mix type of eggs like duck and chicken. I normally set eggs daily. Each egg has a date on them so the humidity thing is a bit tricky. I put a wet paper towel uner the todays date to hatch. Stop rolling etc area.

    Since really did not know any better. That is my "noramal." My game/free ranges hens are far wiser then I am.


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