Two Soft shell eggs today???


10 Years
Nov 6, 2009
Alright, I have two chickens, one of them has been laying for about three weeks, the other hasn't yet layed an egg.
anyway, I went out to the coop this morning and found two softshell eggs waiting for me. SO heres my question....

The way I see it, the are a couple of posibilities.

1.) The already laying hen laid two soft shell eggs today.

2.) The hen who has never laid an egg, layed two soft shelled eggs.

3.) Each hen, layed there own soft shelled egg.

??? Wadyya think ???
Hello! I don't think I've ever heard of a chicken that layed more than one egg per day. (That doesn't mean it can't happen though.) If you're feeding your two hens a 16% layer feed, they should really be fine. Sometimes if they get off their diet a bit, like too much scratch grains or cracked corn or other treats, then they don't eat enough of the layer mix and you get a soft shelled egg.

I am betting though, that since one of your gals is a new layer and the other maybe just layed her first egg, that it's just because they are new layers! You'll see all kinds of strange eggs at first....teeny tiny eggs, wrinkly eggs, soft shelled's very common with new layers. I call them practice eggs.

As mentioned by morelcabin, I always provide a dish of crushed oyster shell and they can pick at it as needed for some extra calcium.

So don't worry! Pretty soon they'll both be laying like clock work, and their eggs will probably even get a little bit bigger for you too!

I had a hen that layed 2 soft shells in one day. It happens when they get bound up.

Are you giving them oyster shells and grit?

What feed are you giving them?

What kind of water are you giving them? City or well?

The reason why I ask about the water is recenty I found that I have arsenic and some other nasty things in my well water, I started giving my hens distilled water and my soft shell egg problem stopped in 4 days.
I wouldn't worry too much.. I have 7 girls, my reds have been laying since December.. My barred rocks just started laying and I got two soft shell eggs, both small and on the droppings board.. The eggs I have been getting since December have always been perfect with the exception of either white or almost purple speckles.. Of course, that just makes them prettier.. I feed mind free choice layena and have only ever given them egg shells that have been left to air dry and then put in a coffee grinder for a few seconds to make the bits small but not powder.. I've never given them oyster shell.. So, I would definitely say that it was either two new layers for you or one new layer and a glitch in the other.. it happens sometimes..

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