Tylan 50 for chicks... how much?


Apr 14, 2017
Spring Branch Tx
Hi guys, I have chicks that are 9 and 10 weeks old and a Lavender Ameraucana that is about 5-5.5 months old. I bought 3 of the Am's (one for me and two for a friend) and they brought with them a sickness. Watery eyes, sneezing, one has what seems to be a swollen joint. They're all acting normal aside from those symptoms, they eat and drink normally and love free ranging but I just feel terrible for them and through research people that had chicks/chickens with the same symptoms went the Tylan 50 route with great results, but I'm not sure on the dosage. Im picking it up in just a bit. Oh and can it go in the eyes of the ones that have watery eyes? Or should I get something else for that? Not all of them are sneezing or any of the other symptoms but I feel like I should give them all the Tylan
Can you post a picture of the swollen joint or describe where it is? Could the swelling be from an injury? Mycoplasma gallispticum (MG)can cause sneezing or a watery or foamy eye, and mycoplasma synoviae (MS) can cause mild respiratory symptoms, swollen and sore joints from infection. Tylan 50 injectable 0.25 ml for every 2.5 pounds of weight given orally or by injection, given twice a day for 5 days, can treat MG or MS. They will still be carriers for life. It is possible to have both types of mycoplasma at once. Bringing in sick chicks with a contagious disease can make carriers of your whole flock, affecting any new birds in the future. Using antibiotics without knowing for sure what you are treating can cause antibiotic resistance.
I'm pretty sure it is MG, let me grab some pics
Tylan does not cure MG or MS--it may help to treat symptoms, but they may have a recurrance if they are stressed, such as during a molt or extreme weather. Testing can be done through your local extension agent or state poultry lab.
This too is an Easter Egger.
The one on the bottom is the same chick from my other post so yes I know it's an Easter Egger (and again it was sold as an Auricana/Aricana and I later found out EE, I don't care I still love them regardless) the one on top with the watery eyes is a Silver Laced Wyandotte. I have one Cuckoo Maran, one Lavender Ameraucana (Paul Smith line) one black star and 7 Americana/EE's
The Tylan is already helping for anyone wondering. The Silver Laced Wyandotte's eyes are back to being pretty and clear, the Lavender Ameraucana is sneezing a lot less and no more rattling in the chest. I haven't heard anyone else sneezing and haven't seen anymore watery eyes from any of them.

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