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  1. Hi all.
    I have a few of my chicks going through a rough spell of cough, runny beaks, and two have swollen eyes.

    I was told from my feed store to try antibiotics in h2o, however the birds got worse, so I was then told to treat my two worst ones with Tylan 50. I have now done that for 3 days and things are looking much better. I couldn't find an answer, so here is my question.
    When can I eat the eggs from these two chickens? I saw a lot of answers, yet none of them gave me any answers.
    Is it true that I now can't eat these eggs ever? That would be terrible.

    Thanks, Petra aka kycklingmamma
  2. CUDA

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    Mar 4, 2008
    If you allow 1 week after treatment you will be fine. You can see more about Tylan HERE .
  3. Thanks for the response and link, I will devour it asap.


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