Uh oh. Ducks AND Chickens


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Because I more concerned about Ken's reaction to me plugging in the bator again (he didn't blink an eye), I never gave it a second thought - I have pekins, welsh harrlequins AND SILKIES in the same bator. I have never done that before, and I am now wondering if it is ok to lockdown the silkies in 21 days (I just set them at 6:00 this morning) and leave the duck eggs alone without turning them......
I have 1 duck egg in with my chicken eggs. Set on the 5th. My plan is to leave duckie in the turner when I put chickies on lockdown. I'll just leave one tray and remove all others. Place chickies on the wire grate. Chickies should hatch just in time for Duckie to go into lockdown. Well, at least that's my plan.
I've set quail and chicken at the same time.. We're not idiots. We get a little carried away sometimes, but that's spontaneous and cool... right?
ducks usually need a higher humidity than chickens. To high of humidity will drown a chicken egg. Will be a tricky hatch at best, stopping duck eggs at 21 days will not be good but you can still hand turn them without the turner. Silkies usually start hatching at 19-20 days so you can start up the turner and humidity after the silkies hatch. Good luck you are braver than i am.
I have duck eggs in with chickens also. I am going to keep the duck eggs in the hatcher with higher humidity as long as it doesn't have chicken eggs. When I move chicken eggs over I am going to put the duck eggs in the incubator with chicken eggs. Hopefully it will work out for me.
Why not pull the chick egg out for a day or two, let the duck eggs go then put the chicken eggs in? You'll still have issues with humidity, but as long as you keep the egg around 60f or so it should survive the cool down period and it will slow it down enough so that you can push your lockdown day back a day or two. ?

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