15 Years
Apr 12, 2009
North Texas
A couple of days ago, my neighbor was telling me about his neighbor (also my neighbor, but across the street). He told me she had come over and checked out my chickens, as we've invited everyone to do, and was quite fond of the little beauties. She said they were nice and quiet.
I'm glad I won her over.
The original neighbor I mentioned has a habit of coming over to check on the ladies every morning and night. A habit I appreciate greatly since I'm only able to do chicken chores on the weekends and don't often notice things during the week. Apparently, at some point, he stopped and talked to her about the chickens.
The story she gave him just astounded me!!! She's a doctor and is out until the wee hours of the morning. One night, when pulling into her driveway she saw a large figure. Thinking it was a person or something, she put on her brights and pulled in. IT WAS A MOUNTAIN LION!!!

Now, I've always known we've had them, but it was very interesting to hear about an actual encounter. At our other place in Dallas, there's a creek behind the house that has mountain lions there too, so we're pretty much used to them.
She stayed in her car and tried everything to get it to leave, honked, flashed the lights, everything. It would not move. Sat there for quite a while he said. Eventually, the cat left, and she was able to get inside. This was only about a month or two ago!!!

Makes me nervous a cat that big so close to my chickies. I am definitely getting some electric fencing soon.
Hopefully, a chicken would too much work for the mountain lion. Afterall, it would just be a snack. And all the feathers it has to get through. It would be much easier with a deer or rabbit.
I'd hope so too! Especially if they have to go through 1x2 wire fencing as well as 1/2 x1/2 hardware cloth. Then through the rocks I've layered around the bottom foot...
i was with my mom early one mornig driving too town and about 5 miles from my home a mountail lion crossed the road in front of my car(there is a game preserve in the area)... DH thought we were seeing things until the man that owns the feed store caught one on video at his deer stand ... it was stalking a momma hog and her babies
There's one running around microsoft city, at the moment.
Just a couple weeks ago they caught one in a Seattle park.
Here they are mostly left alone unless there is a threat to people.
Seems they like cat and small dog about as much as chicken.

b.hromada :

Oh my gosh, that is scary!!! I must admit though, they are quite beautiful!
Scary none the less.

Very beautiful, until they attack you when you're going for a bike ride through the woods.
Happened not to long ago to a tourist just south of here.​
Years ago, we had a lady in the area who was running on a trail attacked by a mountain lion. Turns out she stopped to check out momma's cub. Big mistake. The lady didn't make it.

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