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    Jul 18, 2012
    Stillwater , Ok
    Ok so I'm fairly new to hatching chicken eggs, I have hatched turkey eggs before and never really had many problems. But anyway I had 3 eggs in my incubator and 1 died in the egg on day 20 and 1 hatch out on day 21 1/2 but the third egg still had not hatched out and its day 25 so I decided to candle him and see if I could see any movement but there was none, so I tapped the shell to see If I could get a response out of the chick and nothing. Now I'm thinking the chick is 100% dead so I take out of the bator and crack it open to see what could've happened and the chick was ALIVE!! So I rushed back to the bator to put him back in! So my question is will he live or die? He seems fully developed but i don't know what will happen! ): any info will be very appreciateed!!
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    Mar 13, 2013
    Honestly it is more likely that it will not live however I have had chicks like yours live before. Just remember that if it does die it is not entirely your fault ,if it hadn't hatched yet it probably was not going to. I like to wait 5 days after their ''due date'' just to make sure.
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    Don't blame yourself too much. It was an honest mistake. When I have full term quitters I egtopsy as if I'm assisting a hatch- just in case.

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