Ultrakibble and Other Feeds for Peafowl


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So I'm looking into getting some Ultrakibble and thought it might be a good idea to start a thread about it

I'll try to copy Zaz's ingredients post, if it doesn't work hopefully Zaz can do it.
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All you have to do is click on the photo, then in the lower right hand corner click on original then when it comes up click on it again and it blows up the picture to larger size
We have coined the term the ultra kibble diet on our group , we feed 1/4 to 1/2 of kibble per day per bird anything else goes to waist as they do not utilize it and whole grain as a free feed on the side as a starch , oats barley our what i feed but i also feed a mixture if nuts a couple times a week in their grain, they don't have to have it but it makes me feel better LOL ... Greens are also fed especially during breeding season as they are a wonderful source of calcium and the things needed to help birds utilize them.. feeding oyster shells alone will not fix a problem long term there is a reason they are not absorbing calcium if they had it in their grain that needs to be addressed with their diet .

The point of this diet is to remove soy and have leaner birds as they are healthier , just like people when they have to much excess weight this can problems internally , just like people they may look nice and robust but inside problems can lurk a lean bird is a healthy bird just like people IMO

This may not be for everyone as it requires extra time because you don't fill a feeder up with kibble and refill it when it gets empty you are waisting money when doing so because they do not utilize it all
Grain is the only thing fed free choice that is the only feeder that gets filled up here ..

When feeding my free ranges it takes 30 minutes for every bird on my place to eat, i pull any left over feed and put it aside for the next feeding ..

Some folks have their peas stick their beaks up at the kibble as usually so i have advised them to wet it down and let it site foe about 15 to 20 minutes , this has worked well and if their happens to be any kibble in the bottom it dries and remains in pellet form so it does not sour .

I recommend always feeding kibble on the side and not mixing it because they will and do pick it out first and will make a mess plus you want them to gobble that down first as this is the good stuff and some birds can pick threw grain faster than others in a penned situation meaning they could foreseeable get more than they need and another get less

I have christmas sales starting up soon but i will do my best to get back here and answer any questions i can as soon as possible if someone needs help ..
Peafowl are not cheap birds, they can live for a very long time compared to other common farm birds

If you do not have enough peafowl to warrant buying in bulk then yes it can be expensive and it will remain so until more folks show and interest to warrant stores to carry the 40 pound bags they could they just chose not to they make much more on the smaller bags , folks that purchase peafowl from me now have the option to buy the 40 pound bags from me at a very reasonable price and i have been selling quite a few bags, next year i will off the 15 pound bags for folks that do not have but a few peafowl and this will be a substantial savings compared to what they can purchase from amazon breeder pairs will be sold with a 15 pound bag included because it is what they have been raised on here

it is not just the grain they can use for the feed at the time it is formulated to be the exact same feed every time it has a great shelf life where as you have to use chicken feeds and such withing 3 months of the label date or it starts breaking down and turning to dust and bugs , they do not need a whole cup to get what they need from 1/4 to 1/2 a day, cat food and such are not needed to give them the meats they need and it helps boost their immune system

Feed is not made like it use to be take the average dog and cat food for instance, it no longer starts with meats , it starts with corn dog and cats need meat in their diet especially cats as they are carnivores not Omnivores but the feed makers put corn and such and then add things to make it take like meat.. it cost extra of you want to feed your dog and cat what they really need first and that is meat.
Maybe you're getting a better deal than what Jill quoted me, but even if I were to buy it in bulk it's still pretty darn expensive. The actual cost of the product isn't the killer, it's the shipping. :(

I am not able to find the 40lb bags of Ultakibble near me, but I get the 15lb bags from Drs. Foster and Smith online. You can buy the 28oz bag or the 15lb bag. They frequently have 20% off sales, and it is always free shipping over purchases of $45.00.

You have to buy in bulk from the manufacturer to get the bigger bags at this time , i save about 85 dollars on 40 pounds verses buying the 1.75 pound bags at 5.99 Not sure how many bags you have to purchase to get a better price on you can call and ask what the minimum order is, i know someone that ordered 5 40 pound bags, the shipping was like 20 per bag but the feed kibble was cheaper than you could get a 15 pound bag from anywhere with shipping . shipping on 1600 pounds ran me 525 dollars but i can go to the dock and pick it up and save 130 dollars

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