10 Years
Jan 11, 2010
I was out getting things done around our new house and started to see spots where the stain was no longer on the house.
Looked on all 4 sides and found different areas where the stain was peeling away.
DH said that it was the weather causing it, I don't think so.

Just so disappointing that after all that work the stain is peeling.
Contacted the guy we bought the stain from and he is coming out to look at it.
No idea why it happened.

Anybody ever have this problem after staining something?
It has not been on for even a year.
The slightest bit of moisture ( even if you can't see it ) when the stain was applied will cause it to peel.

Sorry...I know how frustrating it is!
It's always surface prep. There was something in the wood that made it non porous as Sourland said. Hopefully it's just a spot condition and you can redo it. Happens on cars all the time when people try to save their deductible and go to a shop that uses short cut methods. See it on houses with regular paint a lot too. I have to paint my house this summer. My biggest worry is I won't get the surface clean enough. 2nd worry is I'll fall off the ladder.
Agreed to by my DH, who is a professional painter. Assuming it is a wood siding, it was most likely treated with something that didn't allow the stain to be absorbed. Not much you can do but start all over,

As Dunkopf said, it's all in the prep work.
I agree, it sounds like ya used a varnish stain ,my dad built some wooden swings and used a varnish stain on them ans within a year they were pealing
It's on our log house.

zazouse we used Benjamin Moore Arborcoat semi transparent stain.
We followed all the directions. Put on the insect and mold preventative. Let that dry. Waited for a good dry day and applied the stain.

To me a stain is suppose to be absorbed into the wood and not sit on the top and peel away.

Dumkopf it is happening on almost every single log.

Laurajean less then a year old.

Thinking of renting a sandblaster and taking it all off and starting over with a different stain.
Waiting to hear the results about the stain.

Know what is really funny, this stain will not come off of our fiberglass door, but is peeling off of our logs. Makes no sense.
This happened to our deck after we used Behr stain. We were told the wood was not prepped correctly and I forget exactly what happened, but my dad was able to get part of our money back. We just haven't gotten around to restaining the deck.

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