Unexpected hatch of a Peachick

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by Miss Jest'r, Jun 25, 2010.

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    I was given some eggs and put them in the bator. When the 28th day came (Last saturday) nothing happened... I never unplugged the bator, and thursday I heard some noise.. Imagine my surprise when a baby was stumbling around. Yesterday I moved it in to the tank with a light and paper towel on the bottom. It has a water with rocks in the bottom like I do for my baby chicks. I scattered wild game starter on the bottom. today the baby Named Lat is still alive. It sure is a loud little bugger. I dont know how to take care of it so thinking it was hungry, I tapped the pile of feed and it tried to bite me. I kept persisting, and it finally ate a small piece. I did dip its beek in the water to make sure it knew how to drink. It quieted down for a few minutes and now it is back to pacing and chirping... Is this normal? I do have some week old chicks I could put it in there with, but it has a spot on its head that is bald along with its back I think there was not enough water in when it hatched and it lost some fuzz. I hesitate to put in there because they may peck at it. Any Idea's? It has pooped and now it is huddled in the corner up against the glass cleaning its self. Could it be to warm?

    Sorry for the many questions, but this would be the first peafowl I have ever raised.

    Thanks in advance...
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    It definitely needs friendship! They are social and right now it is instinctively looking for its mother (you).
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    Peachicks, unlike chickens sometimes need help getting started eating. He bit your finger because that is how momma shows them how and what to eat. Put a chick in with him for company and to keep his interest in food. I find that my male peachicks seem to be the biggest cry babies.... LOL, but if they are lonely they will cry, or too cold or too hot. Treat them like chicks as far as heat and all goes. I keep mine on a wire bottom cage off the ground until about 3 months old. They are a little more fragile than baby chicks until they reach adults, then they are very hardy

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