Unhatched chicks dead in shells


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Mar 11, 2014
Taylor Barnyard
my eggs are from buffs, a rhodie/golden wyandotte cross and a black australorp. I had 12 to start with @ 1st candling 2 were infertile and tossed. 2nd candling remaining had great looking embryos and all looked good. Removed turner this past sunday candled 2 eggs never fully developed into chicks removed. Had 2 hatch monday and 1 on tuesday. Candled remaining eggs today and no movement in eggs from chicks. I decided to break them open to see what was wrong all were dead n shell. Of the 5 only one hadnt absorbed the yolk sac all the others had absorbed. All the DIS were black chicks. I'm puzzled as to why only the black chicks didnt hatch. So looking back at my notes and remembering back to other hatches I noted that a hatch back in march that the australorp chicks didnt hatch and the ones that my broody hatched all the australorps died within days of hatching. My question is can a particular hens genetics have anything to do with this or am I thinking into this too much? I just dont want to continue to incubate eggs from her and keep losing chicks when her eggs can just be eaten instead. Please HELP
If you suspect then I would say do one more test hatch 50% of each eggs. if on the third time you come up with the same results I wouldn't incubate anymore of her eggs... of course thats just my opinion.
Thank you. I've been collecting eggs over the past few days again. I just feel bad that the little ones make it all the way to almost hatch and then die or they do hatch and die within a day. Hate to say this but it may be time for her to hit the chicken pot pie. We're going to be ordering more in the spring I was just trying to build up flock before then to have some ready/already laying when we order the newbies.

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