Unknown Chicken Issue possible Meraks?

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    Feb 20, 2019
    Hello All!

    We have been Backyard chicken people for almost 2 years now. And thus where the problem started.

    One Chicken supposedly a Whiting grew to about half the size she should have been with plumage ok but nothing show stopping. She has NEVER produced an egg in the last 1.5 years, thus earning her the name Freeloader.
    We live in the north east and our girls and one guy started there 1 year molt ABOUT 6-8 MONTHS AGO. we have a mixed batch of Cooper Morans, Whiting, Barred Rock and Easter eggers. 7 Hens in total. All of the Hens have grown back there plumage and are all stunning they are all back to laying even this winter without a light in the coup. They are on scratch and High protein layer, Meal worms and chicken approved table scraps. they usually free roam 2-4 times a week in the winter they are more confined to large coup with covered snow free run.
    Now Freeloade r 8 months later still looks mid molt. 2-3 weeks ago now i noticed her pupils were different sizes. one Pin point the other extremely dilated. Her Gate and eating behavior is fine. she runs faster than the others. She has been a scraggly mess for the last 8 months has never produced an egg and now her wattles and combs are hard with hard masses growing under them her beak seems brittle and her top comb is purply in the creases. she is eating but has always been on the leaner side not plump and full like our other ladies.
    I cannot find anything like this on the interweb. Im starting to suspect Meraks. However this hen has been like this for months, yes i just noticed the eye but unsure of how long its been like that. The rest of our flock is healthy.she has no coordination or paralysis issues.
    My logical senses say to cull but my heart is having a hard time. Thanks! 57EFA9F9-BED0-4C48-A986-C7A8E5DF5933 (1).jpeg 7275B85E-1568-4AD1-A8DF-9B94D25FBA73.jpeg
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    Hello! Welcome to BYC!!:frow

    I'm sorry you're having trouble with your girl.:hugs Someone will be along shortly to advise you.

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