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(Here is the link to DinosRBirds story! Please be kind and read! Its a really AWESOME story!!!)

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This is my story. I wrote it and any similarities to others is not done on purpose. This is for reading purposes only. So please do not use on any other site or print. Please dont be rude and only give opinions and corrections in a polite manor. Any links to other stories are welcome just PM and I will post them on this post. I am not the greatest speller and my grammar isnt the best and any advice is greatly appreciated as long as it is not rude. This is for enjoyment purposes only.

Please follow all of BYC's rules.

I am looking for names so any ideas are welcome!

Please enjoy!

(This is a book I am writing. I would love opinions and ideas so please feel free to post them here or Pm! Thanks and please enjoy!)

Chapter 1
Running as fast as he can all four paws hitting the ground for only a split second weaving in and out of the tall maples in the surrounding area. His heart racing and his mind following suit. He's dream't all his life of leaving this place and these horrid people behind him but he didnt expect it to be this way. All that hes been through has torn him apart. His mother promised him that some one would always love him even after she was gone. Yet, no one would even look at him.The hate was obviously shinning in their eyes. Now they were on the hunt. The people of Arceos had found numerous attacks on live stock. Knowing that he was a shape-shifter, they determind that a lion had done it. Since his father no longer protected him he was on his own. "Lions dont belong in this city!" said one of the town folk. "I'm not just a lion, I'm human!" he screamed to them. He being Jed Stone. A simple young man of about twenty-four. Golden tipped black hair grown alittle past his shoulders and golden brown eyes to match. Jed was very tall and muscles rippiling up and down his body. The citizens of Arceos was frightened of him. Not knowing the full extent of his powers, Jed had to go, their minds and neither Elliot or anyone else was going to change it.

They set fire to his house, and with swords drawn began to chase him slashing at him and poking at him. Shouting at the top of their lungs "Leave and dont ever come back!" and "We will kill you Jed Stone!". What other choice did he have? He didn't want to hurt another human. He had done that before and it deffinantly wasnt his proudest moment. So, he ran and he ran as fast as he could and never looked back. When Jed had reached the Vally Of Green finally he decided to stop and take a breath. He was about 25 miles outside of Arceos by now and the people left the chase about 10 miles back. Panting his large lions tounge hung outside his mouth dripping saliva all over the ground infront of him. His large round, golden ears laid back and his deep brown eyes shut tight as he collapsed on the ground exahausted. He was safer in his second skin. I mean how many people do you suppose would walk straight up to a lion? He was much larger than most other lions. His mane pitch black with golden tips on the ends. Jeds tail was long and lean the tip covered in the same hair as his main, black with golden tips. His paws were of a massive size his coat looked almost as if it was made of gold. The way it shimmered in the light passing through the canopy of the large maple trees just over head. Jed began to catch his breath after about an hour laying in the shade. His mind still running as he lifted his head from the ground and opened his eyes slowly. Jed knew now that he was deffinantly alone. More than ever he wished he could be in the company of another person whom had a slight understanding of what he was going through.

Just to think that life was not complete without his second skin Jed decided it would probably be best if he could find some way to stay this way forever. Never have to go back to his human skin. Humans were cruel and selfish. Never thinking of how he felt inside. Now that the chase was over Jed stood up and looked around. He grew up in Arceos. As a cub playing and running in the Vally Of Green. Jed knew this place better than most others. His mom use to tell him of all the plants and animals surviving in and around Arceos. This was his home. Jed Loved it here.

(This is my writing so please do not steal it. Thanks again to those whom are interested! Please feel free to subscribe if you like it. )

(Edited to change names as Elliot Stone was already taken.
Thanks for pointing it out ladies and gents. I like Jed Stone better anyways hehe
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Your story line is very good. However if you ever decide to submit it to a publishing company I would expect some major spelling and puncuation edits. That said, I love it!


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That is really quite good!

All this story fever going around, I think I might start my own one day.

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