unpopular chicken opinions??

Artichoke Lover

Jul 27, 2020
Southeast US
Unpopular opinion apparently:

It's okay to not want to cull, or to feel uncomfortable with the idea of culling

That being said, it's a part of chickens and poultry and will have to happen eventually, but it's okay to find someone else to do it for you
I have to say I’m pretty uncomfortable with the idea of culling one of my birds(I’ve had literal nightmares about it) I could if I had to though. Honestly I’m even okay with the idea of processing them. I just don’t think I could bring myself to do the bird in myself unless it was dire circumstances.
egyptian fayomis , rhole island reds and welsummers are really annoying
I don't like red chickens.
Me either no particular reason just don’t.
Oh God, I just looked it up. They do exist. 😧
Gosh those poor birds!

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