unsual feather/weight loss in winter mites? or something else?

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    Jan 14, 2012

    This is my sister's four year old mix breed hen. Three weeks ago she started suffering from unusual feather loss and lost quiet a bit of weight. My sister brought her in the house to keep her away from the other chickens, who are not suffering from any of this. She feeds her chickens egg layer pellets. Is this due to mites? other chickens picking on her? food?
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    It looks a lot like she could be broody or wanting to sit on eggs to hatch them. They tend to pull out feathers on their abdomen and chest. If not broody, then I would inspect her for signs of tiny bugs (lice and mites) or their eggs. If you see signs, get some permethrin 10% spray or the garden dust, and treat every 7 days for a couple of times. Here are some good articles about what to look for:

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