Unusual Growth on Frizzle chick


8 Years
May 27, 2011
Hello everyone!

I have a flock of 4 week old chicks of various breeds, and I noticed a few days ago that one of my black bantam frizzle cochin has an unusual growth on his/her right shoulder. There are no feathers on this large lump, it's the same pale colour as the rest of the bird's skin, and its hard and very veiny. I cant tell if it's a tumor or something else. The chick seems healthy. It's bigger and has more feathering than my other frizzle chick, but they are both straight run and I have no clue if they are male/female, which I think might be a factor. What do you guys think?
You're not just seeing an extremely full crop are you? A while back my husband rushed a chick to me out of the brooder because it has a weird bald lump on its chest, wrapping partway around to the shoulder. It was the crop, stuffed so full of food that it was stretched really tight and bulging out of place, it was so stretched you could actually see the pieces of food through the skin.

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