Unusual problem with 9 month old hen / cleanup

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    Apr 16, 2017
    I have a 9 month old Arucana hen. She has had problems with pooping since she was a chick, I believe that the problem is physical and she is malformed internally. The vet confirmed that her vent is malformed and that is likely at least part of the issue. As she has reached egg laying age I have been concerned about problems laying and how it may effect her. She has never layed but has been getting a buildup on her vent that I think is a combination of feces and broken egg. It is very sticky and hard to clean up. If I peel it off it causes her a lot of pain and can cause her to bleed as well. I have been giving her baths in warm water once a week and use Dawn dish soap to clean her, but it is not very effective and the problem seems to be getting worse. I know I should likely just put her down, but I am totally in love with this little hen and really want to figure out a way to get her healthy. So I need 2 things.

    1. I need a way to clean the mess off her and dissolve the hardened egg and feces without hurting her.

    2. I need to ideally figure out a way to stop her from producing eggs without effecting the other hens.

    Thank you
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    If you're willing to pay the bill, an avian vet could neuter her.

    Or you could have her for dinner.
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