Unusual Situation - emergency bra incubation!


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Yes, you read it right. Keeping it short, Kiki, the young broody mama had had enough of sitting on what I now know was likely an overambitious clutch of 12 eggs. Just one hatched. They were a staggered clutch too - over a five day period (unwise, I know). Anyhoo - she left her clutch after one poor wee thing didn't make it - it was half hatched and dead when I came down to look in on them..I went through checking the other eggs - most of which had not set at some point or other but then discovered that one (of which I had just broken the shell - but not the membrane, luckily) was actually viable and the chick active. Into my bra it went (I don't have an incubator), and there it has stayed (most of the time) for the past 30 hours. It seems to be doing fine - moving about quite a bit still.... I'm guessing it was one of the later eggs so perhaps right on course for day 21 (tomorrow). Just wondering if anyone has advice as to how best to keep it alive if it manages to hatch (as you can see from the pic - there is quite a bit of missing shell (which I cover with the partial clean shell of

bigger egg whilst it I 'wear' it). I would like to introduce the thriving chick (feathers crossed) to its 'mama' Kiki and sibling 'Thomasina (we hope) (see picture) who hatched on Easter Monday (and my mum's birthday (so she chose the name).

The unhatched chick has not started pipping or anything yet, but does move quite a lot (so amazing to feel!). Does anyone have any tips to give the wee one the best chance at making it through this unorthodox hatch! I've been breathing on the egg a bit today, and misting the membrane with warm water on occasion. Also any tips for introducing the chick (if 'she' makes it) to her mother? I don't have the set up of lamps or anything so it will be best for chick and ma to be reunited if she'll accept the latecomer.

I reckon I've reached mad chicken lady status now.... any help would be much appreciated. =)
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Are you glad you don't also have to nurse it?
LOL.. sorry, I have no advice or nothing else to add, just the first thing that popped into my head..

Good luck!
Be careful when he pips which way the egg tooth is facing!
That would be a rude awakening! (said she, getting ready for another night of personal incubator duties... ) I hope it waits until morning! =)

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