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Jul 24, 2019
Beggs, OK
My neighbors used to have a robust flock, well taken care of, beautiful birds. Long story short, the neighbors divorced and once the husband left their flock became neglected and has dwindled down to two.

This evening one of her birds wandered over to graze with our girls and when it was scratch time, followed our flock into the pen. I waited until roost time to go remove her...she had made herself right at home on the top roost.

I would have let her stay but I’m concerned about many things - mites, worms, etc. Anyway, this bird really fought to stay at our place. I had to physically carry her all the way back to their acreage.

I feel like I should offer to take her in, but don’t want to offend my neighbor. If I don’t, I’m sure she’ll fall victim to predators like the rest of her flock. Not sure what’s the right thing to do.


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Jul 24, 2016
Washington State
Speak to the owner, offer to take the birds off her hands. Then quarantine and treat. You might ask if she's been getting eggs and if so how many. Then offer to continue giving her that many. It may only amount to a dozen a month. She'll probably turn you down but it would be a neighborly gesture.
Yes...great idea!!!

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