UP FOR AUCTION: 2 Blue Splash Silkie Cockerels ~ SQ/BQ

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    Sep 20, 2011
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    I have 2 2011 Bearded Blue splash silkie cockerels. They hatched 12 -2-11. The lighter cockerel is SQ he has NICE coloring, toe spacing, wings, tail, booting and over all body type and also blue ear lobes. His crest is FULL of pin feathers, but is still a little on the small side, but should fill out nicely. The other cockerel is darker and is BQ , the only reason I consider him BQ his toes arent spaced as nicely as Id like. Other than that he is a nice looking lad, he looks VERY similar to the light one ( Booting, tbody ype and wings are all in good conformation) He is also FULL of pin feathers. They were hatched togetherand Id like to see them stay together. But I will separate them. They are still under the heat lamps so NO SHIPPING ON THESE BIRDS. Im asking $25 for the BQ cockerel and $30 for the SQ cockerel Ill take $50 for the pair. Im in no hurry to sell the SQ cockerel, if he doesnt sell ill just show him this fall show season. If your interested pm me, respond here or email [email protected] email or respond and pm me for pics :) Parent stock have won Best of breed, best and res varity SEVERAL times. to see pics of their parents visit our website www.woodsedgeanimalfarm.net breeding stock page

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