Upcoming wedding from hades - Update - It was fun!!!!

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  1. My stepson just returned from Afganistan and is in the 82nd airborne. He and his wife were married at a justice of the peace because at the time couldn't afford the fancy wedding they wanted so this is more of a renew your vows type thing. Soooooooooooooo now comes the fun part.

    Sharon's ex husband will be there
    Her brother that she hasn't spoken to since the divorce will be there (the brother sided with the ex over his sister)
    Her youngest daughter will be there - she said she doesn't want to talk to her mom nor have anything to do with her

    We told him long ago we would be there and one thing we have always always done with them is carry through when we say we are going to do something. Yesterday she got a phone call from son and he was asking if we were still coming since the others would be there and she said yes we would be there but we weren't staying long at the reception and the first comment or rude behavior we were out of there. Oh the fun it will be. Note to self, be patient and calm, be patient and calm, be patient and calm. [​IMG]

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    I like your mantra. Keep repeating it so it comes automatically!
    Visualize your stepson, his bride, their happiness and let the others go.
    Pretend you're a duck and the others are just water floating off your back.
    You CAN do this; I had a sister who just went through the same thing.
    If you need any other trite advice, just holler, and good luck. Hopefully the dreaded guests will all be on their best behavior also.
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    Boy, I am glad to hear there are other families with such unique dinamitics.

    Take the higher ground like you are doing. Congratulations!
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    I would add that since you said you would leave at the first rude comment....ignore them, dance and have a great time and drive them nuts and ruin their day. [​IMG]
  5. Quote:That's the plan I hope [​IMG] And since it's an outside fest I found a loud Hawaiian shirt and Sharon is getting dress to match so we should stand out just a little bit.

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    There ya go, Steve and Sharon! With my family, I can't stand them so I just embarrass them! [​IMG] And I have a LOT more fun than they do....
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    Hey, are you related to me? [​IMG] We just had a family gathering a few months ago with similar issues. My Mom was in the same position you are, I told her she WAS coming, she was going to have a fabulous time and to heck with them. She went, she had a great time and THEY left early. [​IMG]
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    Don't know the issues, don't need to know the issues, but polite behavior is always in style. Smile, say "Hello, how are you doing? Isn't she a lovely bride! We're so happy to have her in the family!" Then mingle around to other people. Be welcoming and gracious but avoid any occasions for real discussion.
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    Quote:Yup... kill them with kindness..
    Smile right in their faces.. have a GREAT time..
    Let them be miserable... [​IMG]
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    I would go just so that I have something new to talk about. I am then often reminded why I keep people like these at a distance. I hope that you have a good time and wish your step-son and bride every happiness.

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