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Well, the stress did not kill me but I have the worst cold from no sleep & stressing over eggs.

The chick that I helped is a little "dim" and I'm hand feeding & watering him. If I ever saw a "roo"day old chick it is him. I've named him Forrest Gump and he may turn into a house chicken. I think he got oxygen deprived from turning into the small part of the egg after he half zipped, for so long. He was the last to hatch and they played "kick the can" with him for 2 days.

All in all, I had a good hatch for my incubator try with shipped eggs and I'm very pleased. 24 eggs, 15 to lockdown and 13 chicks.
About the same I get with a broody on shipped eggs.


Margo!- You can have anything I have! I'll drive to Ohio to deliver them myself.
Where are your eggs? Have you heard? Lost in the mail?
It's been over a week and even if you get them I doubt they would be good from being bounced around all this time.

Let me know when you hear anything.

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Leave it be you've already started hatching. I'm kinda confussed by what you mean by through membrane. You cant see the membrane it is on the inside of egg. If you have pipping then it is through. Chickies take a break when they pip. sometimes it could be 12 + hours before they zip. whatever you do dont open lid. the ones that have hatched will be fine for up to 72 hrs after they hatch, they need no food or water during that time. Have you opened your bator? Everytime you do you lose lost of humidity that is hard to get back. So relax have that drink and chocolate. and good luck
Wish I had the info you need! BUT if you need to open the bator, this is what I did. in a Small bathroom. I used the Hot shower and a small room heater, both cranked wide open. It was 100 plus and prolly 100% humidity. I was soaked when I came out! I took the bator in and opened it in the bathroom. checked pips, candled, and removed the dry ones. and YES I did the big NO NO!!! I helped 1 out. and NO it didn't make it. Mother nature knows best! No matter how hard it is for us to except. I also had a couple take 24 days to hatch. even when the rest popped out on day 21 exactly.

Good Luck and God Bless!

ADDED: I DO NOT recommend openning the bator!!!!!!!! DO NOT recommend!!!!! But if you need to open the bator this is how to do it in a way to lessen the problems caused by doing so.
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Well TJs had chocolate beer
(their truffles arent bad either, but the chocolate covered candied fruit is the best.)
Wishing you luck and zips soon
I know what you're saying because sometimes they can break the shell without breaking the membrane. I know I waited too long to get involved with one of my call ducks on my last batch before the one I had just a few days ago. That said, I don't think you're outside the time frame I saw with some of my chicks when they were pipping, one had a pip last a whole day before really getting down to zipping. Are the other chicks chirping? If so, that should help encourage the late comers to the party. I don't think I would help them at this point...I sure would if they were call ducks, but then calls frequently need help hatching, they give up rather easily on hatching.
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I read over your page, and yeah, I think from what I read, I'd leave them be at this point and see what happens. I've never hatched silkies so I don't know if they have particular problems hatching, a silkie person might be better able to advise. Given that they are hatching rather early though, I think it would be best to let be. They need some time to take up their yolks.
Thanks everyone, for your support.

I am never doing this again.

At 9PM I started to see some action, one of the 5 pipped through the membrane and in 15 min. he zipped out. A splash!
2 more of the 5 have pipped through the membrane, I can see dark. Whew!

Now another is zippng.

I was really concerned. The pip's I was talking about are the little cracks, with the shell flaking off but you can see the membrame is intact.

I have not and will not open the incubator. Tonight, anyway....


1st chick and you can see one of the eggs with the pip and the membrane not pierced.
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