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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by thepone, Apr 16, 2008.

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    Apr 15, 2008
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    Well little Greenie (my husband marked her with a green marker when we brought her home because of her pasty butt) is still kickin' somehow. I really wondered if she'd make it through the night. I hadn't seen her eat or drink for days - she just stands (never lays down) under the heat lamp and sleeps. I've used a little syringe to give her water three times - this last time she was fiesty enough to actually act ticked off at the whole thing. I guess that's good. Attempts to get her to eat normal food, food mixed with water, an egg yolk, all failed. But this morning I saw her picking at food TWICE! The worst thing I could have right now is hope. I've grown attached to her through all of this.

    I had stopped at our wonderful local feed store where we got the chicks and they showed me how to check her for a blockage so I tried that and assuming I did it right that was not a problem. I think I confirmed that while watering her and she pooped all over me. She crapped on me twice in about 4 hours so maybe another good sign (for her, not me). [​IMG]

    Our other chicks are thriving. We've yet to name 9 of the 12. There is one Aracauna that is hysterical. When you put your hand in the box, all of them run away, except this pig-headed, llama-like chick who comes running right over and pecks at my rings. She is always first on the scene and fearless. We named her Hillary because of her fiesty bravado and the fact that she is most likely to end up being a roo out of all of them. [​IMG]

    One more thing - except for three mellow chicks, the other 9 are totally spastic when they're awake and their new thing is to all gather in a chick circle and scratch frantically at the pine shavings till they get to the newspaper below which they peck at obsessively. Not sure if they heard that that was the fastest way to China but man, they really put their hearts into it.

    OK, I need to get to work. This is a fun forum.
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    Quote:[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Most excellent! My NHR named Maggie and nicknamed Mizz Bossy is the same way and has been since she was about 3 days old.

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