Update on my McMurray Chick order

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    Jan 31, 2008
    NW Oregon
    Short recap – on my McMurray chicks
    I'm south of Portland OR
    I got my chicks from the PO 4:40am Monday
    All made it here, but were tired of course, some stronger than others.
    My speckled Sussex and Black stars seemed to be the smallest of the lot and the weakest.
    Here are the highlights of my timeline

    Monday, watered everyone saw everyone drink can't be sure I saw everyone eat.
    Lost one of the Black Stars by about noon 11am on Monday and a BLRW about 5pm.

    Tuesday AM
    Everyone else made it through the night.
    Everyone looked "fine" as I went to work, worked a 1/2 day came home and was concerned about one of the speckled Sussex chicks who I was not seeing eating, Her crop was full so I was hopeful. Checked chicks to make sure any sticky poop was off their vents. Cleaned as needed. Some had poop on their vents.

    Tuesday PM
    Got home from a meeting Tuesday night - specked Sussex chick had labored breathing, crop was now empty, pretty sure she would not make it - she died. Worried about another SS (speckled Sussex), as her crop didn't seem full. 3 hours later I watched all 3 remaining SS (speckled Sussex) eating, feeling more positive.

    Wed AM
    Everyone made it through another night. One of the SS still seems smaller than her sisters; she had food in her crop and seems active but maybe not as "vigorous" as the others.

    Overall, the chicks seem much stronger this morning. Fast little buggers. No signs of poop on vents this morning!!!

    I'm hoping we are rounding the bend.
    I’m sad for the losses, I do see that some of my breeds might seem sturdier? For example the 3 Black Australops All are very vigorous and none of had any poop on their butt.
    The Black Star who had her ‘sister’ die in the first hour, started so small has won my heart, she is SO darn cute and doing VERY well. She is small but seems very sturdy now - she is a GOOD EATER <G>.

    I’m thinking for my issues that this may have been just stress from shipping in the cold weather or failure to thrive? One thing in common that all the chicks that died were --- they were the smallest, or smaller than those of same breed. Just my inexperienced thoughts.

    so out of 28 chicks at this point I lost 3. McMurray did send an extra BLRW.

    I want to go another 24 hours then I will call McMurray and update them on my order - overally I'm happy, but any loss is always sad.

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    carousel....Stormhorse just posted a problem with her MMH chicks, check it out to be aware of the same problem see post for "I KNOW WHATS WRONG WITH OUR CHICKS!!!!!
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    Aug 26, 2007
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    I lost 3 out of 79. they sent 4 extra so I'm not worried about it. I figure that's normal. Sad, but normal
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    Jan 31, 2008
    NW Oregon
    yes I saw the other thread but some of what was written didn't add up......
    I'm not in all in a panic about my chicks.

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