Update on pet store rescue chicks

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    Aug 12, 2010
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    Well, so far so good (for the most part) The 10 chicks with the severe foot problems are all still alive, eating drinking and peeping happily. I have been changing their bedding pine shavings) daily and continuing with the antibiotics in the water. I have noticed that on one or two the foot has fallen off completely leaving just a nub. I have noticed a nasty smell coming from some of the dead feet though. No povidone/iodine in the house so will get some tomorrow to apply to all the dead feet/legs. Thankfully they all only have one afflected leg! Now I am wanting to have another coop/run built for when these "special needs" chicks grow up!
    I am wondering if I should be offering them probiotics now, or wait until they are no longer on the Duramycin. Any ideas?
    If they continue to do well I may be looking for special homes for some of these babies when they are older...if anyone in WI/UP is interested!

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    This was obviously in reference to an earlier thread. Can you provide a link?
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    Wait until they are done with the antibiotics before you provide the probiotics... otherwise you will just be wasting the probiotics. I would even go so far as to amputate the dead parts [​IMG] We had a chicken with only one leg and she was fine.
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    Did you report the petstore?
    Im glad they seem to be doing better, poor lil dears!
    So whats the count? how many have 1 foot? Sounds like Gang to me too.
    Hope they continue to recover! [​IMG]

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