update on what should I do post-jake the roo

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    Sep 14, 2007
    Just a note to let you know that Jake is doing fantastic. I am so thankful to all for the support. Jake actually came home late afternoon and started eating..doc said he wouldnt want to eat till the next day! He is on ampicillin- bubble gum flavor and loves it!!
    I cant get it in him fast enough!!.
    He spends part of his day with his sister and the other part with me. My hubby said that he throws a fit if I am out of his sight for more that 20 seconds. I ended up sewing a sling to cary him around in so he can go where I go and not panic when I am not in view.
    He goes in for a dressing change late monday.

    here he is with his sister

    after surgery

    in his sling

    on my lap with cat Spookey as a nurse maid. Spookey is always there when a chick hatches or is brought into the family.
    She has never hurt a little one or mama, just makes sure all is well with them.

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