Update! Panic! Moody broody may be done, but 4 pipping/peep eggs left!


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My broody hatched 2 eggs Thursday, and there are 4 due today- candling Friday revealed perfectly beautiful, moving chicks within. Today, one has pipped and is peeping quite loudly, but I'm not seeing progress...and Luna is wanting to take the 2 chicks for a walk. I locked her in the brooder area, but she's not interested in the nest anymore. She started to sit, but trampled the eggs as if they weren't there...then walked away.

These eggs are so close! I can hear tapping from within the three not pipped, and *desperately* want to help the pipped one, but know better...what can I do? The outside temp is nearly 80, and our humidity here today is 73%- it *IS* Kansas, after all...it will get to be 90 degrees in the next two hours.

Should I put the eggs in my shirt and sit around with a book, or let them go? I'm supposed to be hatching these for my sister to give to her husband for his birthday so they can start a backyard urban flock. I'd hate to lose them.

Anyone have a similar experience or suggestion on how I can fix this?

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Forgot to ask- also need suggestions about whether she'll accept these if they do hatch, given she's possibly done with eggs now. Shall I wait until after dark and stuff them under her as if they just hatched? I'd hate for her to reject them violently.
If you have a box of sorts and a light w/40 or a 60 wtt bulb that you can rig up to adjust over it, to make sure the temps are around 99.5 you have a better chance of getting them to hatch. Toss in a thermo.
Put in a wet facecloth or sponge anything that will give off humidity. Put a towel over the box to help keep it warm and hum. in but so they still get air.

Good luck.
Thanks you so much for the answer!

I'm really hopeful, because I can hear chirping in there! So freaked out!
To help bring up temps and hum fast...wet a facecloth really well barely wring it out, and zap it in the nuker for a few secs. Before you put the eggs in there.Then toss it in watch it will rise fast! Then set your eggs...just don't put it on the eggs.
I had the same thing happen to me this morning!!! And I used the heat lamp- i don't have an incubator. When taking out the eggs that didn't hatcht, there was egg that had pipped, was covered in ants and I thought it was dead, but its beak moved. I cleaned off the ants, put it under a heat lamp, and it began moving more and peeping. Then I looked under Frequently Asked Questions, there is a topic that says "When to Help" and it mentioned keeping the membrane moistened. You might want to check out that post.

I wrapped the baby/egg is a wet, warm paper towl and kept rewetting it every half hour of so. I also had to peel a little shell away because it just wasn't making progress, I'm sure this is because it was very weak and had been attacked by ants (also, its siblings hatched on Tues!!!) So far it is doing well and drying off nicely. GOOD LUCK!
Just want to suggest that, if they haven't hatched by the time she goes to bed, I would slip the eggs back under her. Unless, of course, they are already pipped and zipping. Keep us posted. I am really curious to see what happens and wishing you the best of hatching vibes.

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