12 Years
Jan 5, 2008
Here we are day 5, the Post office called me. My chicks are in. Im there in like, 5 minutes as I was leaving work. It was 4:50 am. They sent 32 chicks, and 14 are alive. I know most of the blue wyandottes are dead. I do have 3 welsummers, 2 Giant silver laced cochins, 3 cuckoo marans, 2 silver laced wyandottes and mabe 4 blues alive. I dont know if two will make it. They are shipping me a new order in three weeks. I am so upset.... But I am grateful for the ones that are pecking around and drinking..
well i am glad some survived. its just disgusting that the post office could lose a living creature, let alone a whole box of them, but sadly not all that surprising.

good luck with your new order and i hope all the best for the survivors, they are tough little things to make it thru that terrible ordeal.
So glad you finally got your babies and I am so sorry about the ones that didn't make it.
I read your other post, just didn't comment! I have to say you handled it well...I would be in jail for hurting someone!! I would have had them track down where they first got lost and it would have been road trip time with the box of deceased ones...

Glad they finally made it! Glad you have some survivors! They need tough names!! Sorry about the ones that didn't make it. The USPS needs to make this up to you....its great the hatchery is sending a new order, but it really isn't their fault it is the USPS. One reason I don't know if I could order chicks!! I know the feed store and tractor supply order theirs' and probably lose some, but atleast I didn't pick and probably (knowing m) name them!

Again congrats on the ones you do have and sorry for your loss

I would have to say that so far 12 are doing well and pretty active and curious. Poor things- I feel so bad for them. Two are iffy- well, really they are all iffy once they get chilled and starved.
Well thank goodness some are still alive. I am suprised by that. It's a real shame that the PO can be so blase about losing living creatures!

Hopefully they can make a recovery. Please post pictures of the little survivors.

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