**Updated Sales List** Prices reduced--ALL must go, ASAP WA STATE

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  1. Since winter is fast approaching (it was 42 degrees here, last night!) I must reduce my numbers & sell some of my birds. Most are extra cockerels or young roosters, but I do have some pullets, as well. None are culls unless indicated.

    All prices are OBO and special BYC prices. I have spent many hundreds $ on these as hatching eggs--all are rare or uncommon breeds and I'd like them to go to good homes, rather than into my freezer! Can you imagine eating a Sumatra? LOL

    Anyway, here is my list. Please email me for prices. Delivery is available w/cost of gas. I'm in North/Central WA & would consider delivery to Spokane/N. Idaho, Yakima, Portland, Seattle, Tacoma, etc. I'm planning a trip to the Wenatchee area at the end of this month.

    Until Friday, these guys are ALL $8-$10 a piece.

    2 Adult GLC Roosters, extras--1.5 years old, aggressive breeders, but nice & friendly
    3 Juvenile Cochin Roosters, extras
    1 Porcelain d'Uccle cockerel, an extra
    1 Lemon Blue Cochin cockerel
    1 Blue Cochin cockerel, GREEN EYES!
    2 Black Orps (out of Blue/Splash/Black lines) looks like 2 pullets??
    2 Black Sumatras, unsexed
    1 White Salmon Faverolle Cockerel, missing one of his extra toes


    I take PayPal!
  2. I may accept a trade or two...such as:

    Mottled Houdans
    Top-quality silkies
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    How old are the Sumatras and the blue Cochin?
  4. They were all hatched in May or early June. Except for the two adult cochins--which were hatched July 2007.


  5. Oh yeah & I can get pics of anything that anyone is interested in, tonight...


  6. Also, I have a light brahma pullet for sale who was born in May and a Light Brahma rooster who is two years old. Both are very friendly and I'm only selling because they are not "SQ". The pullet should start laying this winter.

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