Upper respiratory disease?


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Sep 24, 2019
Hello, we are new to owning chickens and just started a flock last week. We are hoping someone can help us figure out what's wrong with our rooster and if we can do anything to help him? He has bumps on one eye. I googled it and came across Mareks disease or an eye worm, possibly even upper respiratory disease. But he doesn't have any of the other symptoms. He isn't as active as the hen, he doesn't crow, and his eye are the only symptoms we notice. Maybe a little mucus on the same side as the eye but we're not sure because it was dry. Thank you in advance!
Looks like dry fowl pox to me, have never seen it get in the eye though. Can you look inside beak and see if anything is off inside the beak and see if she's got wet foul pox too. Hopefully Eggcessive or @casportpony can help
I have never seen that before, but I would suspect a tumor in the eye, or an eye injury. He also has some black marks on his comb that are typical with pecking or injury from wire fencing. If you have a vet available, they might help. If you should lose him, I would contact your state vet for a necropsy to get a diagnosis. Here is a list of state vets:

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