*URGENT* Broody hen eating chicks as they hatch. UPDATE MORE HELP PLS


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Jul 11, 2008
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What do I do? My broody is killing the chicks as they hatch. The first one I found dead with a skinned spot on the side of its head. The second one I found dead with the top of its head pecked into and eaten. Two more eggs have pipped. I don't have an incubator I can move them to. HELP!!!
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Get a heat lamp ready.
Get the temp up to 95 degrees.

When they hatch, move them before she can get to them.


I would keep a VERY close eye on them, and get them out of there ASAP after they hatch.

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Okay, got one chick out right as it was hatching. The other one that pipped wasn't making much progress, so I came inside for a few minutes. I went back out to check, and the pipped baby was out of its egg, down below the nest box (about 10" from the ledge in front of the nest box to the ground), with the yolk not absorbed but out of its shell. It hasn't been pecked. It is chilly, but alive. She must have tossed it out somehow, because the lip in the front of the nest box is probably 4", and it couldn't have gotten itself over that.

I brought it in and put it under the heat lamp, but will it survive with the yolk still not fully absorbed? What do I do???

Well, broody watch is over. When I rushed in with the 2nd chick, I left the nest box open, and when I went back out the hen was off the last 3 eggs. They're a little cool, but I brought them in and put them under the heat lamp. I sprayed the paper towel and the sides of the rubbermaid tub with a mister, and I guess that's all I can do.

When I move the cloth to check on #2, it kicks its legs and peeps at me. It seems like it has the will to survive. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

#1 is up and peeping like crazy. This seems to be one of those cases where you don't count your chicks before they hatch. I had a friend who was going to take all the babies to stock her new hen house, and I guess she won't be getting many. I've got 4 others who are 9 days old, but possibly 6 won't do much for her...
Chick #2 died. I couldn't keep it in the wet washcloth. It kept wiggling its way out every time I left the brooder box. I don't know if that had anything to do with its passing, but it didn't make it. It never got up off its side. I really think that the hen ate the shell off of it after it pipped, because it wasn't ready to come out of the shell yet.

I eggtopsied the last two eggs. One had no development, one was dead. The 3rd egg was set days later, and I candled it and there is vigorous movement. Not sure if I can get it to hatch, but will give it a go.

Chick #1 looks like a cross between a white leghorn and a silver-laced polish, judging by the light down and the funky not-quite-single comb. It looks like it has a bit of a V thing at the back. The other rooster possibility is a SSH, and it's not looking rosecomb-style at all.
Thats sad, but at least you have one nice healthy little guy.
Well, you did all you could, and God now has another chick in his brooder..

The chick that made it sounds great!!
I would like to see pictures!!

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