URGENT Chicken's foot was accidentally cut---two toes CUT OFF--help!!!

Nala A

9 Years
Jun 1, 2010
my husband accidentally shut the coop door on our rhode island red's foot TONIGHT--two toes amputated...well, actually they were dangling there, and we cut the rest off (it was hard, but they were hanging on by a thread)...and we washed the foot and bandaged it and put her back with the other three chickens...

is this okay? What should we do????

Quarentine her? put antibiotic ointment?

any help would be great!
Definitely quarantine so the others do not peck at the blood. Is it still bleeding? Putting flour on it may help. If it's not bleeding abx ointment would be good I suppose if you can keep it covered. Some clean bedding of pine shavings perhaps and clean it often. I'm sure someone else will chime in here with better ideas....good luck!
Scarlet oil. and bandage maybe/ It doesn;t come off easy. We used it on the advice of our vet for a dog we had that almost had its leg cut off. There was bone and a tiny bit of tissue. They wanted to cut it off and my mom wanted to give him a chance to heal. He actually healed up. We applied scarlet oil twice a day. Might help. I know we did not have to deal with infection and thats going to be your big worry.
My gut says give her a days' rest, maybe even two. I think putting vitamins in her water, baby vitamins without iron would be a good idea. Can you wrap the wound? Sterile gauze, antibiotic cream, and vet wrap in a dull color (black, dark yellow) should do the trick. If you don't have antibiotic cream, 1 part boric acid powder and 5 parts vaseline will work. Mix it in a ziploc, then cut the end off, pastry bag style.

Try to keep an eye on her. Droopy comb, not eating, not walking would be danger signs.

Sorry that happened to your RIR. I have one too, and I'm pretty attached to her. They're very nice birds.
Oh My God, I'm so happy I'm not the only person who has done this!!! I posted a thread over a year about the same thing!! LOL! I closed the door on my white rock hen last year and she lost half of her middle toe. I used betadine iodine to clean the wound (or you can use soap and water) dont use peroxide or alcohol, those can actually kill the good tissue and do more damage. After I cleaned it I applied neosporin to the toe, covered the end with gauze and wrapped the whole foot up to the leg in vet wrap. If you wrap the foot make sure its not too tight so I still has good circulation. I kept her in a rabbit cage in our house for about a week and changed the dressing every morning. I left the toe uncovered the last 2 days so the wound would 'dry' out. After that she was back out with the other ones and laying again. Hope this helps and everything goes good! I'm glad I'm not the only one anymore who has done this lol
Just spoil her now! Give her treats, yogurt, hard boiled eggs, and poly vi sol. Follow the sugggestions everyone has given and treat her extra special. Get her mind off of the pain. Im sure she is gonna be fine now. You have taken good care of her! Good luck!
wow-thanks everyone for your fast responses! and comforting to hear that this has happened to others. we're going to go get her right now and bring her in the house to isolate her for at least 2-3 days, if not a week. i'll let ya'll know how it goes.
The young lady at our feed store suggested using Dr. Naylor's BLU-KOTE spray. It contains gentian violet. I think it's used mostly for horses, as that's the aisle where I found it, but she said they used it at her ranch on a chicken that had it's whole foot cut off, and it healed nicely. I used it to mask the blood-color on a pecked chick--it overcoats the blood with purple, and the other chickens won't go after it.
I did this today! She can walk fine but I bathed it and but her in a little house with clean straw in my sunroom, it's not bleeding now but I am going to keep her separate for a few days! Poor thing I feel so bad

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