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9 Years
Apr 25, 2010
Hudson Florida
Hello. One of my girls, Shirley, was acting a little lethargic today. But she ate my rice treat. Later I went to pick her up and she didn't run, like usual. I picked her up, checked her over and didn't see anything wrong with her body. As I was checking her crop, gently feeling it, she puked up water. I massaged her crop a little more and more water came up. Has anyone heard of this? Does she have something very wrong? I put her in the other pen to keep her away from the rest of my girls. All Shirley did was sit in front of the waterer.

Any ideas? Thanks for any help you can give.
Well there is "impacted crop" and there is "sour crop." I am not skilled enough to tell you what you have there.

Here is a thread on sour crop:

You can plug both those terms into the BYC search bar to come up with some good threads.

It could be another condition as well. I just wanted to give you some ideas.
I know for sure that others will want to know if her crop feels squishy or hard.

Also, check her in the morning before you give food to see if the crop went down flat. You might want to remove the food from the coop just tonight to check this.

If there is crop stasis, it might be impacted.

Long grass, too much grit, etc. can cause impacted crop.
There is even a thread on here about doing your own crop surgery. Of course I don't know if this is your problem.
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Her crop is squishy. When I fed the girls their rice treat I felt Shirley's crop and could tell she had some. Her crop wasn't hard and at that time, it wasn't squishy. Later on in the day when I went to check on her, she was very listless. I put her on my lap and that's when I felt her squishy crop. I massaged it and water came up.

Thanks for the help.
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