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Oct 22, 2008
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2 late hatches from broody hen. One was discovered already dead, in the coop, we think trying to get to mom? It was cannibalized and we don't know when that happened.

**the other hatch hubby discovered at same time JUST out of shell - soaking and of course exhausted. Seeing the other dead one he scooped him up and brought him inside.

He/she is in the brooder, under heat. Ours is shavings but I put him on a towel (on shavings) cause he's still wet. Yolk is absorbed, fat little tummy.

It's peeping and trying to stand/walk, I think we've done ok? Have crumble and water ready when he's ready.

Hard not to take him out but letting him sit under heat is best right? Do we take one of the other chicks for company once strength is up and "running"?

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you did good. Let the chick fluff up and eat a little. Then if you want re introduce it back to the hen and the rest of his siblings. Do it at night when they have gone to sleep. Just slip the chick back under momma. She should'nt have a problem.
A little more info, please. Does the hen have other chicks that hatched earlier? How old are they? If they are just a day or two or three older than the new one, just let the new one dry off and then put it under mama hen while she's in bed for the night. I've put extra chicks under broodies countless times that way and never had a problem. Congratulations on the save. By the way, food and water aren't necessary the first 48 hours so "she" should be good to go when she's dry.
Thanks everyone - it's nervewracking!

The first one hatched June 3rd and we saw there were 5 up and running fluffballs by June 5. We were going to take these last eggs away when they hatched June 7.

There are 3 other eggs - I stuck them under the heat lamp.

She's sleeping (and I should be!). Once she is steady on her feet we'll put in another one.

Hubby says he couldn't stand it after all this if we sneak back to mom, with the age difference - she doesn't take!

no thermometer, we'll pick one up tomorrow.
One of my broody girls hatched out 6 chicks and left the nest, there were 4 remaining eggs that I put in a shoebox under a heating pad. Four days later one egg hatched out, I kept the chick here in the house for about 32 hours then carried it out to the hen, distracted her with a handful of watermelon while I placed the chick under her with the other and when that chick started cheeping loudly Mamma hen started talking to her and gave her a little piece of the watermelon. So 4 days difference in age and she accepted the chick. Now 5 weeks later that little "late" chick is still going strong with the 6 siblings, in fact she's bigger than the rest of them LOL

Staggered broody hatches are always a bit complicated cause the newly hatched peeps can't keep up and wind up getting chilled and die. If you catch them right away (like you did) get the peep warmed and full of chow and running around then return it to momma. She will accept chicks for a good while after hatch. And you will know right away if she doesn't
This will save you a lot of pain the in the rear. Good Luck

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