Urgent quesiton please ! hatched with bottom attached !


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Apr 1, 2013
the chick have been struggling to open the egg but could not, after some time i decided to help him and found out that the shell is stuck on him... i managed to remove the shell but was stunned to find out that the inner side of the shell still have red vein vessels and the bottom of the chick is connected to it... I wonder what should I do ??... note that i did leave the shell and leave the chick attached to it... maybe after sometime the vessel will drought or so....
I'm guessing you are referring to the membrane inside the shell? There are 2 membranes, the outer one and the inner one that houses the blood vessels. If there is still visible blood vessels near the navel the chick is not ready to complete the hatch. It needs to absorb the blood in the vessels and the remainder of the yolk sac which you may be able to see at the chick's navel (belly). If it's only that bit that still needs to be absorbed it could finish the process over the next 1-2 hours. In the meantime dampen the membrane with a wet Q-tip and put the chick back in the incubator with the humidity high. If the chick can wiggle out of the shell before it's ready I would suggest placing it upright, shell and all, in a small cup and put that in the incubator. Bump the humidity up to 70% + to stop the membrane drying out too quick and trapping the chick. Good luck!
hey there,

thanks for your reply but the chick has already got out of the shell... and yes i meant the inner membrane... I saw blood vessels when i throw it away... and now i can see a small length blood vessel - remainder of blood vessel - on the bottom of the chick ( about 5mm long...

Now the problem is that the chick has curled legs, Could anyone assist me on this ? He is Cuchin type and Im afraid to lose him :(
Are you sure it's a blood vessel? Sometimes when chicks come out of the shell a bit early they have some of the "umbilical cord" still attached. it usually dries and falls off after a day or 3. Wait until it's dry and her navel looks sealed before handling her then make some "boots" for her feet to straighten her toes. Like this member did here:

There's more info on chick orthopaedics and foot and leg problems and treatments here:



In the meantime put them on a non-slippery surface in the brooder, paper towels are good.

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