Urgent!! What Is Wrong With My Two Day Old Bantam??


8 Years
Feb 17, 2011
So I was at TSC just now getting chick food for my new guys, and over heard that they had a hurt/sick guy in the back, and they couldnt sell him, so I took him! Here is his photo , he can walk, stand up , nothing! Can he be saved, please say he can, my neighbor is a vet, all animals , I cam bring him tomorrow morn, bit until them what should I do?? THANKS!!!!

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I'm sorry to say, there's not much you can do for a sick chick. he looks pretty bad. separate him from other chicks and maybe try to feed him some scrambled eggs.
he is separate, with antibiotics in water, he is drinking when i bring water to his mouth....still no good? maybe straddled leg?
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Do you have any eye droppers/baby med. droppers/ Needless syringes? Try dribbling water along his beak. If he doent show signs of increased movement, try suger water. Can he hold his head up? If he can set him up in a coffie mug by suffing an old rag in the cup and making a

"nest" and place him in it like his would stand. If he can't hold up head, roll up a rag and fit it tohis neack like a travel pillow to support his head. He needs to be in a natual position.
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that's good that you've got the antibiotics in his water. does he seem alert even when he's laying down? if he's not, it's most likely some sickness he was born with.
Nope, not droopy at all, very alert, drinking water... I use a tea spoon and he drinks from it...it's water w/ antibiotics...stayed in cup all night...very comfortable in "nest" ....since day one he can hold head up straight!
The food I bought her, starter 20%, looks bigger than her break... Should I giver skmetibg other than water??? They say they start eating around 3 days old... THANKS EVERYBODY FOR ALL YOUR HELP AND GREAT ADVICE, SO HAPPY TO HAVE MADE IT THRU THE 1ST 24hours
Glad he is alert. This may be a vit. defecancy. Try putting some Poly vi sol baby vit. W/o iron in his water. He may be one of those "house chicken" types

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