Using a reptile heating pad?

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    I am new to the hobby and these are my first chicks. I've been reading night and day! I am getting 3-6 baby chicks from the Tractor Supply store mid February. (Hopefully 3 ! Should be about 3days to week old.) For my homemade brooder the Ecoglow is very expensive..a heating lamp scares me. Can a reptile heating pad be used? The pad is "Fluker's" brand 11"x11". The paper work states is stays 100 degrees constant. I am considering using Ceramic Heat Emitter Lamp that is 250 watts as an alternative to the heating pad.

    Any ideas fellow brooders? Need your suggestions! [​IMG]
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  2. As far as I know chicks need to be heated from above (think momma Hen covering them)
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    No. You will cook the chicks from below with the reptile pad. Here , get the smallest one of these:
    Use the overhead mount. It can be raised and lowered with chains. The chicks won't poop on it. No fire hazard, less electricity.
    20 year track record for this company. The chicks need a warm spot. They also need to be able to leave the heat if they want.
    I hope you are not brooding them in the house and have opted for a heated room elsewhere. Where do you live and what will
    be the natural unamended temps where you will be brooding the chicks?

    While you are at Tractor Supply, pick up a small bottle of Poultry Nutri-Drench. (6.99). The chicks have been shipped. A single drop per chick will help deal with any travel stress. Then add to their water for the 1st 2 weeks to help get them off to a strong start.
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