Using Corid


Jun 30, 2018
I have one very sick bird out of a 30 bird flock of 6 week chicks. I suspect coccidiosis as the cause of the illness. The other chicks seem perfectly fine. As a precaution I added 2 teaspoons of corid per gal. of water for the flock. If it turns out coccidiosis is not the cause am I doing anything potentially harmful to the flock by giving them this corid?
It won't hurt them. Corid is not an antibiotic, it mimics thiamine, which the coccidia need to feed, they eat the corid instead and die off. Just to clarify, for the liquid, the dose is 2 tsp. per gallon, for the powder the dose is 1.5 tsp per gallon. Make sure it's the only water they have access to.

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