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    Feb 20, 2012
    I gave my chicken's Duramycin 10 Powder, and i am wondering how long should i wait before i can use the eggs. On the package it says " Not for use in turkeys or chickens producing eggs for human consumption". After a while after I stop using the powder do you think the eggs are fine to eat?
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    Conventional wisdom says it takes 2 weeks (14 days) for antibiotics to be removed from poultry's systems. You can wait 3 or 4 weeks if you want to be absolutely sure.

    Also, you should give your flock probiotics or acidophilus capsules opened and sprinkled on their feed (but not yogurt or other dairy) while they are on antibiotics, and even while they are not. It helps them to keep good flora in their gut as well as to counteract any bad effects antibiotics have on the digestive tract. (this goes for people, too). One capsule a day while medicated, and one capsule every other day when not.

    The reply by three horses on this thread should explain it.

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