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Jan 23, 2018
I've searched the internet for the answer to this with no real definitive result. When using safeguard paste to de worm chickens I know it's a pea size drop in the beak, repeat in 10 days, but is the treatment only 1 time or for 3 days consecutive? I know it's not approved in the US and I know the egg withdrawal. Thanks in advance!
For most worms the treatment is two doses 10 days apart. For capillary or gape worm the treatment is a dose each day for 5 days consecutive. This post is good for dosing, scroll down for actual dosing for each type of worm. The medications kill the worms, but don't kill the eggs, so the repeat doses are to get any eggs that hatch, thus breaking the cycle. Since "pea sized" is not a real good determination and subjective, it's a good idea to know the weight of the bird and measure doses accordingly. Once you've done it, then you can probably accurately estimate your birds weights and dosing. Under dosing can leave you with parasites that are resistant to the meds. I usually round up to the next measurable mark on my oral syringe when it's a fraction.
Dose depends on what medication you are using and for what parasite, it's always best if at all possible to know which one you are treating for. Those are correct for fenbendazole. It will be the same for some others, different for some. The link I gave you before lists dosages for some other medications also. Some medications are better for certain types of parasites than others, tapeworms being one, they are best treated with a medication containing praziquantel. When the parasite is unknown usually the two doses 10 days apart is done, unless there is a symptom indicating otherwise.

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