Using Sunflower seeds in the chick mix


10 Years
Apr 18, 2009
Hi, I am making my own feed for my new born chicks. After doing thorough research, I decided to put sunflower seeds as one of the ingredients.
Now i have 2 questions:

1. Does it have to be just the kernel without the shell or can I put the shell in the mix as well? ( I have a machine that will grind it for me)

2. Can sunflower seeds be fed raw or does it have to be cooked like soyabeans?

Thanks for your time.
so i guess un shelled. Is there a machine that will remove the shell fast?
Where did you hear that? Did the birds have access to grit?

Shelled are quite expensive, and I believe they can go rancid pretty easy.

BOSS is less than 15% of my birds diet.

I wonder what a sunflower de-hulling machine looks like too?


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