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For crying out loud! I finally broke down and bought 2 shipments of eggs last week - 1 set of EE's from our very own Chickabator, and 1 set of Blue Marans from Ebay (yeah, I know, but they were ultra cheap and I have given up trying to get any Blue Orps). The Marans arrived on Thursday and our carrier put them in one of the lock boxes adjacent to our mailbox. She left the lock box key in our mailbox, so I inserted it into the appropriate lock box, turned it, and the key snapped in half. Now, mind you, this key has been bent for some time, but apparently the carrier didn't notice. Anyway, the end that snapped off was sticking out of the hole slightly, so I managed to pull it out with my fingernails. It flipped out of my hand and landed in the dirt at the base of the lock box. I didn't bother picking the 1/4 inch piece of brass up, never dreaming that it would be important. So, I put what we left in the mailbox with a note to the carrier explaining what happened and asking her to call me. The next morning, I also called the Post Office and let them know what happened. Later that day (Friday) the carrier called me and accused me of breaking the key because I didn't know how to insert it into the keyhole, and that I must have put it into the wrong keyhole and tried to force it. She told me that I had jammed the lock with the broken piece, then told me that there was no other way to open the box. I explained to her that the broken piece was not in the lock, that it had fallen to the ground. She searched, then snapped at me that she couldn't find it and that she had to have it. I asked her to clarify that there was no other key to the box. . . not another patron key, not a "mailman" key that goes into the other lock on the lock box door, not a master key. . . Apparently that was the only key. So now, she tells me that she has another package with her, but that she will not leave it in another box for me because I "have trouble with the keys", so I will have to go to the Post Office to pick it up. That's just great - I'm at work 35 miles away and the PO closes at 3:00 - much earlier than I get off work. So, now I've got 2 sets of eggs that I can't get to and I'm a bit perturbed with the snotty and very unprofessional way the carrier dealt with the situation, so I called the main PO, only to have them cut me off and tell me that they have already talked to the carrier and there is nothing they can do, that they will call the maintenance people, who will be out next Wed to fix the box, and I can get my package at that time. I tried one more time to explain that I wasn't upset about that so much as I was about the inappropriate attitude of the carrier. Again, I was cut off and told there was nothing they could do about my packages. Unbelievable!!! If I performed my job like that I would find myself in the unemployment line! By this time, I'm pretty irritated. I took time off of work and managed to pick up the eggs Chickabator sent, only to have the lady in the PO hand a crushed mess to me with a sticker on it that said " damaged" (no kidding???). This box is marked "fragile" and all the other stuff we put on boxes of shipped eggs, but apparently the people who handled it couldn't read (and I'm sure they make more money than I do!). I took the box home and unwrapped the very-well-packed eggs and found several broken and cracked eggs, with egg goo all over the place. I was able to find several that didn't appear to be damaged (at least on the outside), and I put them under my broody. Hopefully at least a couple will hatch. I just cannot believe how incompetent and unaccountable the USPS is!!! I know this isn't unusual, but it's still frustrating.
That is RIDICULOUS! Call the national number in the front of your phone book and report both your local PO and your horrid carrier. Every time your carrier is rude report her; I would also report at the same time the damaged package and go into detail about the conditions of it. Accidents happen, but rudeness does not and is deliberate. We pay postage fees - tht is payment for SERVICES and someone IS accountable. So sorry this happened to you. Hope you get some results. And BTW, the local postmaster at your post office CAN do something abut your carriers attitude - IF they choose to. But, I would go over their head as I mentioned earlier and report it to the national office. They always follow up with a phone call after an incident and things actually get done. Hope things get better...
Gocrow, I was thinking there must be some way for me to handle this at a higher level, but I just haven't had time to look into it further. I will definitely check it out.

Randy, the BBB didn't even cross my mind! Good suggestion!

Thanks, guys.
jmo... but if i would ever order eggs & they came to me like that i would just stay right there at their lil window & open the box right there & share my newly smashed eggs with their counter & papers & what ever may be right there & when they had a fit tell them that is exactly how i feel also & im glad im not alone that we can be cranky buddies till next time & hope they get the message across to the others ... if they had to clean that mess up they may be a lil more careful with packages in the future ....

*edited to say im sorry about your eggs, got carried away with myself lol *
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Andrea, that makes good sense, but I was so angry and frustrated yesterday by the time I picked up the eggs that I was afraid I would lose it and say something I would regret, and that wouldn't have solved anything. That's a great idea for next time, since I probably won't already be "on edge" before I even enter the PO! I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate the nasty mess any more than I did!
Geeze, these are the people who want to run our banking, automobile, health care system.....
ya know they just dont think about others , what if that had been a piece of china from a very loved grandma that had passed & they recieved their package in that condition?? im sure they wouldnt be very happy .. i just wish they would just give others packages the care they would expect theirs to arrive in...... im glad you didnt do or say anything that would if been regreted later .. altho chunking an egg right at their noggin may have made you feel better lol i do really hope you do get some of them to hatch . how many did you get to set?
know what you mean i have ordered eggs 2 times and have lost 25% of the eggs cause the box had 2 corners bent as if the usps had played basketball with them think from now on i will pay extra to get the fed ex cause they did not break a egg

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