usual story lol typical newbie - how many chickens can i have?


9 Years
Mar 7, 2010
Ok i just got my chicken coop a few weeks ago and eventually built it yesterday now that the snow has eventually cleared. I'm hoping to get my chickens in nest week or so. I know the coop is big enough for 8 chickens but I'm not sure how much i can have in their exercise run - 1m (3' 4) x 2.1m (6'11) i think i can maybe mange to get 3/4 chickens in but could do with your advice. The run will eventually get extended once i have the rest of the garden sorted, but for now its just the size above. Any advise is much appreciated. thanks. G
Yep...what he said.
Excellent thank you.
coop will be all painted by wednesday then ill get the chickens in following tuesday im so excited!
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