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    Apr 11, 2010
    Going to the Utah County Fair. It started today. I did not enter any birds, but I have a friend that has a few of my birds and entered them...the Pencil is one, and she said the Judge couldn't get over her. He said, this, is what people want to see when they are breeding these. Well, she had trimmed the wings, not knowing that would be a problem..? The little stink had been flying over the neighbors fence. And, another one that would have made the top whatever it is in bantams, but didn't because it wouldn't stand up. This little Silkie, is carried around the house like a pet cat by her son. Remember the story of her looking for her son, and found him down watching t.v. sharing cereal with this chicken? Waaay laid back. Would just lay back down when the judge wanted it to stand. He told her it would have made it to best, but he couldn't do it because of that. She has my Sussex. That girl made best in all of the chickens there. I don't know what they call of these things..I've never done this. I'm going to go look now. It didn't open until 4 this afternoon. He told her that she had some nice birds. She clipped the pencils wings, and the Delaware, which he or she, was also impressed with. That is the bird I would of thought would come out on top..she is just beautiful. She was getting into the neighbors yard along with the Pencil. No clipped wings in a show..makes sense.
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    Nov 4, 2011
    Northern Utah
    Kimmy so far this summer I have not had fly problems with the DE....like Cynthia I just sprinkle it around the shavings under the roost. A little in each nest, and around the run. I use a leaf rake and rake the dirt in the run about once a week. just to stir it up, and add a little more. If the roost area gets mucky in between changing the shavings, I have squeegee type thing with a handle, and I reach in the coop with it and squeegee the muck off the floor, stir the sshavings around so it can dry out.; add a little DE.
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    May 10, 2010
    Cynthia, congrats on your babies doing so well in the fair. Sundance had a chicken DQ'd because it'd had a wing feather pulled out. Lame. Davis County started today, but we're not going to be able to make it. :-/ Guess I'll have to just go to the state fair.
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    Apr 26, 2012
    Lisa, what pretty eggs you are getting!!!
    Red...drat on the job...arh=gh!!!!

    sorry, baby is helping me type=) sundance, will pm you I deleted your phone number, silly me!! will be fri or sat...

    blu... so sorry about your goat.. grr, bad dog owners are VERY frustrating!! We have experienced that, too... the biggest reason why we fenced the yard...

    Must mention that FINALLY, my blue orp pullet laid her egg!! yippee!! It's a cute little peanut m&m (sorry, Lisa, had to borrow=) pullet egg, but still an egg!!

    And we went to birdguy's place and saw his little piggies, holy moly they were super cute... liked them about as much as I like puppies, good thing I can't have pigs where I live, or I would have been tempted to take one, lol... that and the fact that they grow up to be rather large!!
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    May 17, 2012
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    Boy are chickens smart! We took our beautiful white silkie roo to Herriman yesterday and when I went into the run this morning, all of the girls were huddled in the corner clucking and totally wouldn't move. Usually they meet me at the gate waiting for treats. It was as if they were afraid to come near me for fear they were next!
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    Dec 17, 2011
    sundance, great seeing you again today! Thanks again for finding those four grey dewlap boys a wonderful home!! Please keep me posted on how they travel and adjust to their new home!
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    Nov 30, 2011
    Tooele, Utah
    wgidir, too funny that your birds are keeping an eye on you (though I'm sorry they were feeling so timid) I'm sure they'll loosen up soon [​IMG]

    Cynthia, that's awesome about your babies! Those SPR's really are beautiful. I remember seeing yours, and then birdman's. Just really pretty birds.

    Dalooras, YAY! Good Orp!

    What?! A missing feather was the only reason they DQ'd Sundance's NN? Awww I agree with Sphinx. How lame! Well, none of my birds would make it to the fair, then. A bunch of them are raggly right now, probably from growing. Except for Arthur. Arthur has always been scruffy. It's just part of his charm [​IMG]



    See? What a scruffy muffin!

    Ah, and that reminds me - I'm starting to have doubts as to whether or not Stevie, my Blue Wyandotte cockerel, is actually a boy. I was checking out "his" hackle feathers tonight, that they don't look much different from Angel's, who I know is a pullet. Hmm, this will be interesting. The Ameraucanas were supposed to be girls, but I may end up with a new flock roo out of them. And the roo-in-training just might be a girl? I'm confused.
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    Apr 6, 2012
    Taylorsville Utah
    I have a funny story concerning the geese and chickens. One of Carolyns techs is terrified of birds. All kinds of birds. When she came in for the afternoon shift I told her that Carolyn wanted all the chickens to have a bath so the wouldn't stink up Carolyns moms car for the ride to Oklahoma. I told her that Carolyn had hurt her back and we were in charge of doing the Xrays for the geese so Carolyn could just read the xrays when she came back from the Dr. The other techs were in on the prank. What we didn't expect is her reaction. She teared up and her hands started to shake and said I just can't I am too afraid. I was so surprised. I said well lets just go look at the geese. We had put them in an outside run. We went out and looked at them. They were calm and just looked at her she said I just can't do the xrays with you were going to have to call in someone else. by now she is crying big tears. I said so if I get some one else to xray the geese can you at least bathe the chickens she said no she might have to go home sick, I took her back inside said late April fools. The geese don't need xrays and the chickens don't need a bath. I thought she was going to beat me up but we all had a good laugh at her expense. Then I went and bought everyone drinks and a water melon for the geese and chickens and a good time was had by all except the tech who I was teasing.
  9. sundancenbare

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    Apr 6, 2012
    Taylorsville Utah
    I forgot to say the geese and Chickens are going to Carolyns dads house on his 100 acre ranch with three ponds in Oklahoma.
  10. La Casa de Pollo

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    Nov 4, 2011
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    Sundance, you are such a spaz. We sure have some great characters on here, I love that we all cross paths due to our love and adoration of chickens. We would never have otherwise met each other.... it's awesome. :) Red--Stevie might be a girl>!? How crazy is that??

    My black am. roo will go to Moraihquilt's house in a few weeks, glad I have a place for him to hang out. He may work for breeding, she want s to see how big he gets, looking for meaty boys. Still pretty hard to tell, he is still just a young 'un.

    Red, everytime I see your name pop up I super fast read your post to see if you got an egg yet. Anyday! Did you keep track of when we got these ameraucana's from CYnthia? i don't remember, I was thinking they would be 4 months old a few weeks ago, but now I am thinking about 4 months old still. The girl just does not look as mature as the other two I have that are 4 months and 1 week.

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